The Vodafone Difference

Along with our varied and unique service and product offerings, it’s our dedication to quality communication that sets us apart. That means wherever you are and whatever your needs we have a product or service that can reliably connect you. That’s the Vodafone difference.

LTE as a Standard

Vodafone is the first ever network in Cameroon to have a fully functional LTE network as the standard for customers accessing the network. We offer TD-LTE which is proven to offer superior performance, and quality of service. You can enjoy ultra-Fast LTE Internet with faster download speeds and faster video loading with no buffering – only on Vodafone.


Worry Free Internet

With our worry free solution, you have complete sight of your usage. At any time, you can check your current balance and Data usage history using Vodafone Self-care or My Vodafone apps. You will get instant reminders about depletion and expiration of your bundles. After you have fully depleted your Data balance, we will not charge your credit account balance unless you would manually activate Pay As You Go service . With Vodafone, you have the power to stay in control of your Data usage without worrying about how much you have left or where your Data have gone.


Vodafone Apps

The My Vodafone app’s useful features make it easy for you to stay on top of your spending whilst on the go. Check your spending, usage and remaining balance, and easily top up straight away with a voucher. With our Vodafone Chat+ app you can stay in touch with your friends and family by making free calls in HD quality and text on the Vodafone network with anyone who has downloaded the app. Share videos, images and location.


Vodafone Data Bundles Add-ons

To further enjoy Vodafone worry free Internet, you can purchase an additional Data bundle at a discount. Add-on bundles can be bought as many times as you like provided you have a valid Data Bundle running. The Add-on bundles take the validity of your current Data bundle. As a first time initiative in Cameroon, this gives you extra value for your money on your purchased Data bundle. In addition, we have designed special Social Add-ons for Facebook and WhatsApp which provide you with an opportunity to get unlimited access to the most popular social media services.


Unlimited Data Rollovers

With Vodafone your unused Data always stays with you – just buy a new Data bundle with a longer validity before your current one expires and your Data will be rolled over. We will notify you before your Data expires to buy a new bundle and extend the current Data validity in order not to lose it. Enjoy every megabyte of your Data only with Vodafone!

Multiple SIM’s

This unique offer is a first on the market which allows you to purchase two additional Data SIM cards that are linked to your main SIM card. You can easily purchase Data bundles for your main SIM card and have your other SIM cards in different devices that would use data from the same bundle, making it easier to manage and ensure that you never run out of data on your tablet, MiFi or Router. Walk into any of our stores to get this great offer.

Data Sharing

Advanced Vodafone services allow you to use not only credit transfers from one Vodafone account to another but Data transfers as well. Just go to your web Self-care or Self-care app, click on “Transfer” inset and choose your friends whom you want to transfer Data or Credit to. Enjoy the ultra-Fast Internet speeds on Vodafone with your friends.