Daily Data Bundles

Daily data bundles are prepaid once-off packages available until 24 hours after your purchase. Perfect for those who want to browse the internet, use social media apps and connect with friends and family without the fear of unknowingly spending too much. Once you’ve selected the right daily bundle for you, find out how to purchase or recharge your data.

Power Daily 100MB

Ideal for:

Individuals spending regularly downloading music, using Skype and occasionally streaming videos; in addition to emails, browsing and social media.

150 FCFA

100 MB add-on for 140 FCFA
How to Buy
Power Daily 400MB

Ideal for:

On the go individuals using the internet daily for skype, music and video downloads, streaming, e-learning, e-mails, browsing and social media.

500 FCFA

400MB add-on for 490 FCFA
How to Buy