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Vodafone Group PLC is one of the world’s leading telecommunications groups, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific through the company’s subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments.

We provide Next Generation LTE internet connection in Douala and Yaounde. Check our ultra-high speed now!

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for high-speed Wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals; it is a data service, which has upgraded 3G – it allows reaching higher speeds

We are operating in Douala and Yaounde – these cities are fully covered. Check our latest coverage in dedicated vodafone.cm coverage section.

You might experience network problems in some buildings – sometimes it is hard for our network to penetrate inside. We are continuously working on extending the network coverage, but for now we recommend you placing your MiFi, router or smartphone closer to a window, where it can freely catch the signal. And don’t forget to check our most current coverage maps at www.vodafone.cm. Vodafone is constantly working to improve the network coverage and bring the Power to you!

You are advised to contact the police with your device serial number, the police will assist you to track your device. You may call our contact center to block the SIM card and visit the Vodafone Store for a SIM replacement.


Our Data bundles are volume based packs at a single price designed to offer you optimum value for money. They offer the most affordable option for enjoying the excellent data speed experience that we offer. You will pay less and enjoy more when you use a bundle.

We will offer a simple to understand array of bundle that will have daily, weekly and monthly validity. You can check the prices at bundle section

Buying a bundle has been made easy! There many ways you can buy a bundle, these are explained below:

  • Self-Care App: this is a cool App that is designed to make your customer experience with us very easy and enjoyable. Download the App and get started. Once on the App you can select bundle top-up option to select your preferred bundle.
  • Web self-care: has the same functionality as MyVodafone App but is accessible via browser only

Add-ons are an interesting way to give you excellent experience and optimize your value for money. Here is how it works:

  • Once you get your main data bundle, you will qualify to get an add-on.
  • The Add-on bundle will take on the validity of your current bundle.
  • Once the bundle is expired you will not be able to buy an Add-on bundle.

Yes! You can buy as many bundles as you please. The additional bundle must offer more data volume than your current bundle balance. For instance, if you have 150MB bundle balance, you can only buy bundles with volume more than 150MB.

All your data bundles have only one validity date. You can go to your self-care App and check your data meter, you will find out how much balance you have and how long it is valid for. If you have not yet downloaded the App do so now.

In Vodafone we always try to be as honest and transparent as possible with our customers. Hence you can always check the amount of data you’ve consumed at any given time in MyVodafone self-care at myvodafone.vodafone.cm or self-care app in “Usage history” section. Your usage history is updated every 30 minutes.

Your unused data always stays with you – all you have to do is just buy a new bundle with a longer validity and enjoy every megabyte that was about to expire!

Social add-ons are designed for maximizing your benefit: you can get unlimited access to the most popular social media services (Facebook, WhatsApp) without depleting your current data balance at full speeds and with no restrictions for a very good price. In order to purchase a Social add-on you need to have active data in your account, but later on you can use them even without having outstanding data balance!

The standard PAYGO tariff is 30F per MB. The customer’s account would be charged by PAYGO tariff only if he enabled PAYGO and has depleted his data balance. As a default PAYGO is disabled for all Vodafone customers. The PAYGO can be enabled by using My Vodafone self-care app or web care service at the settings section. With enabled PAYGO you can continue enjoying ultra-fast Vodafone LTE internet even after fully depleting data balance until there are available credits on their accounts.

Vodafone is here to bring you maximum speed and most advanced technology – webpages load instantly and HD videos don’t buffer at all. Also voice or video calls through apps detect the fast speed that you have and automatically offer you much better quality. This comes at a cost of higher data consumption. You can always check your data consumption at myvodafone.vodafone.cm or self-care App.
Don’t forget that some applications consume your data in background: antivirus, weather report, instant messaging, Facebook and many others.

  • Manage the number of users connected to your device.
  • Switch off / disable any data options that allow apps to refresh or upload stuff within your phone, using the data bundle auto updates.
  • Surf wisely. Streaming high-quality HD movies is, of course, the best way to enjoy your content but bear in mind that this means more data is getting consumed at a faster a rate.
  • Browsers that use a smartphone-optimized browser such as Opera Mini and UC Browser, that compresses web pages before sending them to your phone.
  • Monitor your usage. You can keep an eye on your bill as well as your bundle balances by using MyVodafone self-care app and/or web care service (myvodafone.vodafone.cm)
  • Disable automatic updates (windows updates, antivirus, browsers and other applications that are constantly updating like in windows 8+)
  • You should also close any other data-hungry applications you use, including Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Steam, iTunes, or anything else using data – including an any application that auto downloads updates.
  • Where possible, go for offline Apps and games rather than the ones that need internet access.


MiFi is a portable broadband device that allows multiple end users and mobile devices to share a 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet connection

A MiFi taps into 3G or 4G mobile phone networks and uses this connection to create a mini wireless broadband cloud. This can then be shared between mobile internet-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, netbooks and even games consoles, that are within range of its signal.

The broadband signal created by the current generation of MiFi products can be shared between up to ten users. In order to pick up the signal, however, they must be within around ten meters of the device.

Insert your SIM card into your MiFi and turn it on by keeping the ‘start’ button pressed until it lights up. After switching MiFi, wait for the 4G icon and the network name appears on the screen. Turn the Wi-Fi function of your device (phone, tablet, laptop) and locate the Wi-Fi network whose name appears on the screen of your MiFi. Once you have found the Wi-Fi network indicated, sign and enter the password written on the back of your MiFi.

One of the great things about MiFi is that they are so easy to set up. All that is required is to turn on the unit and wait for your computer to detect the signal. This typically takes a matter of seconds. Once this is done you can get online at broadband speeds instantaneously. Unlike some dongles, there is no software to install.

It is possible to change the name and password of the Wi –Fi. To do so, just connect to your MiFi, open a web browser and in the search bar insert the IP address written on the back of MiFi – Then start the search, Log on the page that opens using “admin” as username and as password. Click on “Quick Set Up” and follow the instructions.

Download MyVodafone App (the link will be sent via SMS) or go to myvodafone.vodafone.cm and access web self-care. Check if you already have an active bundle or credit balance.
If you have an active bundle, you can start browsing.
If you do not have an active package, check your account balance on MyVodafone App or web self-care
If your credit balance is sufficient, buy the bundle of your choice and start browsing.
If your account balance is not enough recharge your account with a voucher card.

My Vodafone

My Vodafone app is a mobile application that helps you stay in control of your usage on the Vodafone network, making you track your usage, purchase bundles and be able to get in touch with Customer support.

There is no cost to download the My Vodafone app from the app stores.
Data charges will apply for downloading the app if you have no Data Bundle.

You can Top-up at any Vodafone and Vodafone partner store or buy a Vodafone Top-up voucher. Top-up voucher can be redeemed through the MyVodafone app or web self-care by entering the voucher code. To find the closest store for Top-up visit a dedicated section on vodafone.cm

Yes! Vodafone is here for you: just log in to MyVodafone web self-care at myvodafone.vodafone.cm or self-care App, choose “Transfer”, enter Vodafone Account ID of your friend and choose the amount – now you are good to go. Remember that you can transfer unlimited amount of FCFA, and up to 1 GB per person and up to 5 persons in a calendar month.

How to get assistance


  • My Vodafone App
  • MyVodafone.vodafone.cm – web self-care
  • Vodafone.cm


  • Douala L’ATRIUM, Direction Generale Douane, face Total Besseke, Bonanjo (open from 9AM – 8PM from Monday to Saturday)
  • Yaounde, MARCHE CENTRAL, Face Immeuble ZIKO (open from 8:30AM – 6:30PM from Monday to Friday and from 9AM – 4PM on Saturday)

Contact Center Help Line

  • 8095


  •  https://www.facebook.com/vodafonecameroon


  • 690098887