How To Recharge your account

  • Credit/debit card top-up

The Credit/debit card top-up is the quickest and the most convenient way to top-up, no need to go anywhere else!

Top-up with your credit card in a few simple steps:

  1. Login to your self-care account via MyVodafone mobile app (available for Android and iPhone) or Web Self-care
  2. Select the “Recharge” menu
  3. Choose the “Top up using credit or debit card” option and choose the amount you want to top-up
  4. Choose the type of your debit card – Visa or MasterCard
  5. Enter the card number (16 digits on the front side of the card), enter the expiry date (on the front side of the card), enter the security code (3 last digits on the back side of the card) and click on “Pay”
  6. Enjoy your top-up and buy your bundle to experience ultra fast Vodafone internet!


  • Cash top-up

You can recharge your account directly in cash in our Vodafone shops or partner shops by simply specifying the amount of money you want to put there.

Before visiting us, kindly check the locations of the closest store from your place. All the shops are on our interactive map here.


  • Voucher card

You can buy Vodafone voucher cards almost everywhere in Douala or Yaoundé: in our shops, in our partner shops and in numerous Callboxes throughout the whole cities!

To get the airtime from your voucher card, login to your self-care account or MyVodafone app, select the “Recharge” menu, and choose the “Top up using voucher” option – that is it!