Read about our expert tips around using your Vodafone product.

Android Phone Configuration

To configure your Huawei device for roaming simply follow these steps:


  1. Choose the type of network : Parameters à Mobile network à Preferred network mode à choose 4G/3G/2G Auto
  2. Apn Configuration: Parameters à Mobile network à Access Point Name à Menu à New APN – Name: Vodafone CMR; APN: vodafone à Save.
  3. Activate the new APN. For some phone at this stage, you might be requested to reboot your phone.
  4. Restart your device and check if you have internet connection. IF you are in an area where there is Camtel Coverage, you should see a small “R” on top of your network strength signal


Saving Data

These days it’s easy over spend on data or reach your data limit without even realising it. Just making use of a few practical tips can help you save your data for the things you really love doing.

  • Turn off Automatic Updates and Syncing

    In your settings menu simply disable automatic updates for all your apps. Make sure all emails and chat apps are not set to automatically sync or download content. If this function isn’t turned off your apps will constantly refresh and cost you more data.

  • Disable Autoplay on Social Media

    Most of these platforms already use a lot of data but playing videos only increases your consumption. By disabling autoplay you are limiting downloads and therefore your data usage.

  • Remove Unused Apps

    Widgets and apps constantly update with new information even when you’re not using them. By removing them from your home screen you can limited any unnecessary consumption.
  • Know Your Data Usage

    By knowing your regular usage you can be aware when something isn’t right. You can use the My Vodacom App to keep track of your monthly data usage or check the total amount of cellular data used by accessing your phone’s settings. This also lets you buy the correct bundles for your needs which will save you from being caught without any data.