Terms & Conditions

PayGo and Data Bundles:

  • Pay as you go rate (PayGo) is the charge that is levied for usage of Vodafone services out of bundle.
  • Data PayGo rate is K1 per MB
  • Customers Data sessions will be terminated when they deplete their Data bundle before proceeding with PayGo charging.
  • The customer will give consent to proceed with PayGo charging.
  • Vodafone reserves the right to remove or change the data bundles that it offers to its customers.
  • Daily bundles will be valid for a complete 24-hour cycle, weekly bundles will be valid for 7 days and monthly bundles for 30 days.
  • Bundles will expire upon end of validity as stated in six (6) above. Upon expiry, all the data or voice balance that may have remained in the customer’s bundle account will be forfeited.
  • Customers can purchase bundles that have volume higher than your current bundle balance.
  • Add-on bundles will be available to customers who have a valid main Data bundle.
  • Purchase of an add-on Data bundle will not alter the validity of a current main Data bundle.
  • Data Bundles for customers who select automatic renewal will be automatically purchased on expiration.
  • Social bundles can only be used for the specific usage for which they are intended. For example, you may not use Facebook bundle for YouTube.


Multiple Data SIMs:

  • Multi Data SIM(s) are available to all Vodafone customers.
  • The primary SIM card is the SIM card that will be used as the main account.
  • The Data SIM cards are additional cards that will be linked to the main account on the primary SIM card.
  • The Data SIM cannot be allocated Airtime or Data bundles. They will, however, use data from the primary SIM card.
  • Data usage on the Multi SIMs will be charged at the prevailing rates on the primary SIM card. If the primary SIM card has an active bundle, the Data SIM cards’ usage will be from the primary SIM cards Data bundle. The same will apply for PAYGO billing.
  • A customer can have a maximum of two (2) Data SIM cards.
  • A monthly subscription fee may be charged for each Data SIM card.
  • A subscription to a Multi Data SIM in no way affects the current price plan’s terms & conditions in respect of validity, balance transfers, out-of-bundle usage and consumption rules.
  • The customer must have a compatible data device to be able to use a Data SIM to enable them to use our services.
  • If the primary SIM card is deactivated, all linked Multi Data SIMs will be automatically de-activated.
  • Customer may disconnect their Data SIM from the primary account by calling our Contact Center or going to our Service centers.
  • The owner of the primary contract price plan on which Multi Data SIM/s is active, is liable for any Data usage costs that arises as a result of the following:
  • Normal Data usage.
    – Anti-virus or spyware updates.
    – Data used after theft of modem and/ or SIM card.
    – Charges from Data international roaming.
    – Over utilization of Data by all SIM cards.


MyVodafone App and Web Self-Care:

  • My Vodafone App usage will be available to customers on relevant application stores, i.e. Google Playstore and Apple iTunes.
  • Web-Self Care is available on our corporate website: www.vodafone.cm
  • Vodafone reserves that right to effect down times to allow for maintenance and updates on both the My Vodafone App and the web self-care.
  • My Vodafone App and Web-Self Care may be used for top-up, bundle purchase and balance inquiry for pre-paid customers.
  • My Vodafone App and Web-Self Care login PIN will be sent to the customer upon request.
  • Vodafone will not be responsible for usage of MyVodafone App and Web-Self Care by third parties.
  • All activity on the MyVodafone App and Web-Self Care will be considered as generated by the customer.


Vodafone Wi-Fi

  • A Vodafone username and password will be required to log into the Wi-Fi hotspot in order to use our Wi-Fi service
  • A username and password can be given on a Wi-Fi recharge voucher that can be purchased at our stores or preferred retailers
  • Vodafone needs to be selected from the drop down list of service providers on the landing page, the username and password can then be used to log in
  • Vodafone Wi-Fi is available in select areas that are outlined on our corporate website
  • Vodafone Wi-Fi bundles are time based
  • Wi-Fi bundles must be used within validity time. They may not be carried forward into a different validity. If validity expires, customer will be required to renew subscription
  • Failure to deplete the bundle within session will result in forfeiture of the bundle
  • Wi-Fi speeds will be available at maximum 10mbps download speeds and 2mbs upload speed limit
  • Wi-Fi bundles do not have an out of Bundle Rate and a new once-off Wi-Fi bundle will need to be purchased upon depletion or expiry to continue using Wi-Fi
  • Once signed in, customer can use the same Wi-Fi bundle within the same validity in any Vodafone hotspot (including other hotspots than the first hotspot customer latched on)
  • There is no relationship between Vodafone Wi-Fi bundles (time based) and Vodafone data bundles (MB volume based)
  • Vodafone volume based Data bundles cannot be used on Vodafone Wi-Fi, the customer needs to purchase Vodafone Wi-Fi vouchers.


‘For G’ Offer (Offer for Life)

  1. The ‘For G’ offer is valid for life.
  2. The ‘For G’ offer is a 2GB Data bundle at a special price of K75.
  3. To claim the offer, prospective customers who pre-register must activate a Vodafone SIM card after official launch.
  4. The Offer for Life can be claimed between 10th June and 26th June, 2016.
  5. Customers who pre-sign up but do not take up the offer during this window will forfeit their right to claim the offer.
  6. The prospective customer may enjoy up to 2GB additional Data if they invite up to 3 friends.
  7. Additional Data will be given only when the invited friends activate a Vodafone SIM card between 10th and 26th June, 2016.
  8. The rules that will define how much additional Data a customer will get are as below:
  • Person pre-registers and does not invite any friends: ‘FOR G’ Offer [email protected] & no extra benefit.
  • Person pre-registers and invited, 0 friends joined: ‘FOR G’ Offer of 2Gb @ K75 + 0.5 GB.
  • Person pre-registered, 1 friend joined: ‘FOR G’ Offer of [email protected] + 1 GB
  • Person pre-registered, 2 friends joined: ‘FOR G’ Offer of [email protected] + 1.5 GB
  • Person pre-registered, 3 friends joined: ‘FOR G’ Offer of [email protected] + 2 GB
  1. Allocation of benefit for inviting friends will start from the 1st of July 2016 every time you purchase the ‘For G’ offer.
  2. Vodafone will endeavor to ensure that the offer is available and fully functional, but will not be held liable for any service interruption or unavailability, for any period in time.
  3. Vodafone reserves the right to revise the dates given in terms and conditions.

Member Get Member Offer [Pre-sign Up Offer]

  • This offer will be available only to customers who pre-sign up for Vodafone and invite their family and friends to pre-sign up.
  • Each prospective customer who pre-signs up and invite up to three friends will qualify for the pre-sign up offer.
  • To get this offer the prospective customer must claim it when our stores open for business.
  • Offer will only be available for claiming for a limited time.
  • For each invited friend who actually activates a Vodafone account, the person who invited them will enjoy additional benefit.
  • The benefit of this offer will be given every time a customer purchases the ‘For G’ offer.
  • Customers who do not claim the offer in the stipulated ‘claim window’ period will forfeit the claim to the offer.